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Professor of the History of Christianity

Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary

Ortigas Avenue Extension, 1920 Taytay, Rizal

Republic of the Philippines


Tel: (63-2) 284-3741, ext. 1103; Fax: (63-2) 658-4510

e-mail:  fcunningham@apnts.edu.ph


Permanent Address                            Personal Information

237 Mealey Parkway                                        Born September 22, 1954

Hagerstown, MD  21742                                   Ordained April 6, 1988

                                                                        Cell phone: (+63) 918-913-4671



EDUCATION           B.A. 1976 (History/Religion) cum laude

                                    Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, Massachusetts

                                    M.Div. 1979 cum laude

                                    Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri

                                    M.A. (History) 1981; Ph.D. (History) 1984

                                    The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

                                    Research Fellow 1988

                                    Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Connecticut


EXPERIENCE         Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary

Associate Professor 1983-1991; Professor 1991-2004

Distinguished Professor, 2004-present

Dean of Students 1983-1987

Academic Dean 1989-2009, 2013-2018

Officer-in-Charge, 2001-2003; Interim President, 2007-2008

President, 2008-2013


Asia-Pacific Region, Church of the Nazarene

Regional Education Coordinator 2002-2008

                                    Nazarene Theological Seminary (Kansas City, Missouri)

Missionary-Scholar-in-Residence 1993-1994


Northwest Nazarene University (Nampa, Idaho)

Missionary-in-Residence 1988


                                    The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland)

Research Assistant in American Religious History 1981-83





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Currently writing A History of Philippine Protestantism



Uayan, Jean Uy. “A Study on the Emergence and Early Development of Selected Protestant Chinese Churches in the Philippines.” PhD dissertation, Asia Graduate School of Theology, 2007. Published as A Study of the Emergence and Early Development of Selected Protestant Chinese Churches in the Philippines. Carlisle, Cumbria, UK: Langham Monographs, 2017.

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Dizon, Abner. “Adventist Muslim Mission in Indonesia.” Asia Graduate School of Theology. In process.




American Historical Association

(25-year member, 2005)


Wesleyan Theological Society

Philippine National Historical Society







Montgomery College (undergraduate level)

            Introduction to Philosophy                                Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (graduate level) (including off-site classes)

            World Christianity I & II                                   Heritage of the Christian Church III

            History of Nazarene Missions                           History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene

            History, Religion and Culture                            History of the Modern Evangelical Movement

            History of Philippine Protestantism                    History of Missions

            Crucial Issues in the History of Christianity in China

The Wesleyan Tradition                                    Wesley’s Theology

World History (undergraduate level)                 Denominational Studies

            Constructive Theology I & II                             Doctrine of the Church

            Introduction to Theology                                   Doctrine of Holiness

            Theology Seminar: Readings in Contemporary Theology

            Philosophical Backgrounds of the Christian Faith          

Spiritual/Christian Formation                            Worship and Music

            Introduction to Missions                                   Gospel and Culture      

            Methods of Research                                        Methods of Theological Inquiry

            Thesis Seminar                                                 Thesis Writing

            Integrative Seminar


APNTS/Asia Graduate School of Theology (Philippines) (ThM/PhD level)

            Spiritual Formation in Historical and Theological Perspective

            The Wesleyan Holiness Tradition

Historiography of Missions


Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (DMin/PhD level)

            The Child in Christian Thought: Biblical and Theological Perspectives (co-teacher) (PhD)

            History and Theology of Transformational Ministry (lead teacher) (DMin)

            Spiritual Formation and Transformational Learning (PhD)         

            Holistic Witness in the Wesleyan Mode/Social Transformation (PhD)


Northwest Nazarene College (undergraduate level)

            History of Missions

            History of Christian Thought I & II

            History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene


Nazarene Theological Seminary (graduate level)

            Crucial Issues in Missions                                 The Modern Missionary Movement

            Theology of Mission                                         History of Nazarene Missions

Taiwan Nazarene Theological College (graduate level)

            History of Missions


Wesleyan Institute of Pastoral Theology (Taiwan) (graduate level)       

            The Wesleyan Holiness Tradition

Nazarene Theological College (Brisbane, Australia) (undergraduate and graduate level)

            History of the Wesleyan Holiness Movement



            Missionary, Church of the Nazarene                                                               1983-present

                Pastor, Church of the Nazarene, Teresa, Rizal                                              1985-1987, 1996

                Pastor, Diliman Church of the Nazarene, Quezon City                                1989-1991

                Pastor, Central Church of the Nazarene, Cubao, Quezon City                   1991-1992

                Pulpit Minister, First Church of the Nazarene, Antipolo, Rizal                 1992-1993



Perfect attendance, junior and senior high school, 1966-1972

“Most Quiet for the Freshman Class of 1973,” Eastern Nazarene College Greenbook

Recipient of dedication of The Bridge ’94: APNTS Yearbook, 1994

2000 Bridge Builder’s Award, APNTS

2004 Smith/Wynkoop Award of the Wesleyan Theological Society for Holiness Abroad

2011 Alumnus of the Year, Eastern Nazarene College

2011 Japan Holiness Association Lecturer




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