The Mediator - Volume IX, Issue 2 December 2013

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This issue of The Mediator includes articles and book reviews written by faculty members of Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. The first paper, by Dr. Nativity Petallar, was originally presentedat the Women in Ministry Forum on the seminary campus in 2009. It details some of the particularities of women’s intellectual experience, and in particular the integration of knowledge and action.The editor has altered this paper only slightly from how it was originally presented,in order to preserve some elements of the oral performance.The second paper, by Dr. Dong-Hwan “Bill” Kwon, discusses field work done among the Mangyan Tribe in the Philippines. The paper seeks to describe the history of Protestant missionary interaction with this tribe, especially in light of the lack of governmental interference. The paper especially desires to discover the role Protestant mission played in modernizing the Mangyans. Following these two articles are two book reviews by the editor. The first is connected to the article by Dr. Kwon, as it discusses the role of Protestant churches in various countries in eliminating or, in certain cases, exacerbating corruption in government. Thesecond review discusses a collection of recent scholarly work on the Major Prophets of the Old Testament (Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel). This volume, along with more than 300 others, is available for free download from the Society of Biblical Literature. The web address is included with the book review, and the editor encourages scholars, teachers, and pastors in the qualifying countries to make use of this wonderful resource. The Society of Biblical Literature, which is the premier organization for Biblical scholars, publishes journals and books, along with holding several meetings throughout the year in various locations around the globe. The Society’s International Cooperation Initiative includes a number of bold moves designed to foster Biblical scholarship in traditionally underrepresented and under resourced world areas.


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