The Mediator - Volume X, Issue 1 December 2014

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The present issue may be regarded as an epistemological sampler. Each article takes a distinctive approach to ways of knowing. Our first article, from professors Kwon and Crizaldo, takes a decidedly modern tack yet reaches a markedly post-modern conclusion. Using the standard tools of qualitative social sciences, they tackle the problem of knowledge, attitudes, and practices relative to dengue prevention in a community located adjacent to the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. The surprising conclusion is that there is no significant relationship between knowledge and practice on the variables tested. The article follows a historical/philosophical epistemological methodology to examine the perdurability of one person’s ideas, even when those ideas are widely rejected or even forgotten. Tracing the influence of F. C. Baur over a period of some 150 years, this article hints at a larger, meta-historical implication. The final article—or better, collection of entries—departs from the previous two articles. Probing theological themes, these poems reside at the intersections of cognitive, emotive, and personal ways of knowing. The poets explore eschatology (Godoy), soteriology (Lal Pek Mawia, Bo-degas, and Lee), and Christology (Lozano and Park). These poems form a fitting conclusion to the present issue, being found in an academic journal yet tracing multivalent approaches to epistemology.


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