Preacher's Magazine, Volume 1 Number 1, January 1926

J.B. Chapman, Editor

"Modernism versus Christianity" / F.M. Messenger

"The Physiological Basis of Modern Religious Phenomena" / H. Orton Wiley

"Letters on Preaching" / A.M. Hills

"Be in Earnest" / R.H.M. Watson

"The Ministry" / W.D. Shelor

"A Little Talk with Young Preachers" / E.E. Wordsworth

"The Successful Pastor in the Pulpit" / Vernon L. Ward

"Apothegms for Preachers" / T. Elsner

"God of the Morning Hour" / L.B. Kent

"Hints to Fishermen" / C.E. Cornell

"Morality is Not Enough" / A.M. Hills

"The Minister and Bible Study" / Basil W. Miller

"Reasons Why Some Pastors Fail" / A.E. Sanner

"Preacher Problems" / C.B. Widmeyer

"The Pastor and His Young People" / D. Shelby Corlett

"Ministerial Courtesy" / C.C. Chatfield

"Here and There Among books" / P.H. Lunn

"Advertising the Church" / M. Lunn

"Facts and Figures" / E.J. Fleming

"Our Unfinished Task" / Emma Word

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