Didache Volume 08, Number 01

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About This Collection

Didache: Faithful Teaching. (June 2008) While a journal dedicated to a larger Wesleyan audience, this edition serves as a means for saying “thank you” to several important contributors to theological education in the Church of the Nazarene, and in particular, to one of the major proponents for global higher education, Dr. Jerry Lambert. In their report to the General Board of the Church of the Nazarene, the General Superintendents of the denomination noted Jerry Lambert has given 47 years of faithful service to the Church of the Nazarene as pastor, district superintendent, and college president. For the past14 years he has provided extraordinary leadership to the International Board of Education, taking the IBOE to new levels of effectiveness. (Annual Report, 85th General Board, February 2008) Their comments might have included a healthy “amen” by a number of educators, administrators and students across the global church. Jerry Lambert transformed a modest position within the tradition into an engine for theological dialogue and educational transformation. Dr. Lambert’s support for theological reflection around the globe, as well as his passion for raising the standard of educational quality, reflect the energy and relational quality of a gentleman who surrounded himself with collaborative partners and skilled professionals to transform the educational process within the International Board of Education (IBOE).

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